We are aware of not only the negative impact that wasted electrical energy has on natural environment but also of the potential financial benefits which can be achieved thanks to a policy of thrifty power consumption.


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New 2020
Offer of photovoltaic solutions

In July 2020 we launched the offer of photovoltaic solutions. Photovoltaic systems are offered under ESOLEO brand by ESOLEO Sp. z o.o. a company which is a member of Polsat  Plus Group and which has long-standing experience on the PV market in Poland. ESOLEO’s offer is available all over Poland, in more than 1000 points of sale and customer care of Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat. Everyone who decides to choose ESOLEO’s offer will be able to produce own electricity and have their electricity bills reduced by even as much as 95%.


Benefits of having own PV system installed:


  • Savings on electricity bills – the bills can go down to as little as few zloty monthly,
  • Being protected against unavoidable electricity price hikes.
  • Solar modules are resistant to adverse weather conditions, such as snow, hail or heavy rainfall.
  • Electricity is generated in harmony with nature, without CO2 emission– clean air for children and for future generations.
  • Photovoltaic systems do not generate noise or pollution and they can be recycled.
  • Life of PV modules is several dozen years – after 25 years they still retain more than 80% of the original power output capabilities.
  • Photovoltaic systems are very safe, operate automatically, are reliable and do not require regular maintenance.

We are aware that development of advanced technologies presents, on the one hand, an enormous opportunity of improvement of the quality of the society’s life as well as benefits for the economy, but on the other hand it presents an enormous challenge, connected with the increased demand for electricity. This is due to the ever growing demand for information flow. It is precisely in response to this need that we continuously develop our telecommunication infrastructure. To compensate for this adverse trend, from the point of its impact on the natural environment, we embark on efforts aimed at optimization of energy consumption.


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Optimization of energy consumption by base transceiver stations

Optimization of energy consumption by Base Transceiver Stations reduces not only the negative impact that the systems have on the environment but also the network maintenance costs.

The initiatives which have been undertaken by Polkomtel with a view to improve power efficiency of the telecommunication network include:

  • Refarming of 900 MHz band,
  • Refarming of 2100 MHz band,
  • Replacement of the air handling units to AAA+ class equipment,
  • Modernization of power plants supplying electricity to the telecommunication network,
  • Installation of software with energy saving features.

We use latest technological solutions while upgrading and rolling out our network, including high performance rectifiers in our telecommunication power plants or installation of free-cooling systems in base stations. They not only make our network more advanced but also reduce power consumption and emission of CO2.

We also do not disregard even seemingly minor efforts, such as for example using stand-by mode in our computers, switching off the light when leaving a room, disconnecting chargers once device charging is completed, rational use of water as well as prudent use of air-conditioning.

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Polkomtel has implemented ecological solutions in, among others, its continuously growing IT systems. State-of-the-art data storage solutions present in Plus network’s server rooms allow the company to achieve tangible power consumption savings. In addition LED-type lighting has for many years been used in Plus network company stores and partner points of sale for illuminating the signs with the company logo. It is also a standard to use power-saving bulbs and automatic light switches. Recently also cars with low CO2 emission have been added to the company’s car fleet.

Total consumption of energy from own production or purchased, split into electrical, heat in joules or their multiples
Polkomtel1 Cyfrowy Polsat TV Polsat Total

Electrical energy [MWh]

251 851

11 980

4 688

268 519

Thermal energy (including steam and consumption of cooling power) [GJ]

10 523

13 959

4 017

28 499

Natural gas [MWh]




1 005

1 Data for Polkomtel and Polkomtel Infrastruktura.

Polkomtel1 Cyfrowy Polsat TV Polsat Total

Electrical energy [MWh]

260 626

11 789

4 604

277 019

Thermal energy (including steam and consumption of cooling power) [GJ]

9 221

14 610

4 452

28 283

Natural gas [MWh]





1 Data for Polkomtel and Polkomtel Infrastruktura.

Linie - pomarańcz

Good practice

Intra-group car rental service: Car – Sharing

As part of our in-house Car – Sharing  offer the Group’s employees can use the available vehicles (of various types and powered with the use of various sources energy, including passenger cars, vans, pick-ups, multi-vans) for both business and private purposes. Thanks to this the people who have no assigned company car can manage their time efficiently, especially while using electrical vehicles which are privileged by being permitted to drive on bus lanes in cities. 40% of the vehicles available as part of the car sharing service are electric or hybrid cars.

In 2020:


  • We have increased the number of EV chargers,
    Another 14 chargers have been installed in various locations. State-of-the-art, intuitive and innovative devices, generating 22 kW of power, offer the options of energy balancing, usage reporting as well as reporting of charging on per user basis. In 2021 we have a plan of increasing the number of charges by adding 10 units more.
    We have expanded the fleet of cars available in the CarSharing service.
    Our CarSharing fleet increased by 6 more fully-electric vehicles. As regards our general car fleet, we increasingly make decisions to buy hybrid vehicles. In 2020 we bought 14 such vehicles.
  • We have installed the first device which enables automated releasing and return of car keys in our CarSharing facility.