Motivation and development of employees

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We see potential in each of a few five thousand of the Group’s employees. We want to motivate them and invest into their personal development.

  • Employee development

    • Participation in new projects and tasks

    • Knowledge sharing

    • Trainings

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We invest into development of our employees. Development process is based on the 70-20-10 rule

background item

development through experience (tasks, involvement in projects)


development through relations with others (knowledge sharing, feedback, coaching, mentoring)


development through participation in trainings

There is a Crowd + Program in  Polsat Plus Group. Its most important goals are supporting the culture of innovation in the organization, acquiring and developing valuable business ideas and participation in management.


Good practice

Crowd+ Program

Crowd+ Program was launched in 2018. It is based on crowdsourcing, that is the process of sourcing knowledge, information and ideas from a broad group of employees, and not a narrow team of experts.

Crowd+ Program is:

  • joint space for creating new solutions,
  • place to share your ideas and opinions,
  • opportunity for a team work,
  • chance to win rewards,
  • possibility to join the TOP12 Innovators group,
  • prospects of participation in the Innovation Academy for the most active and involved users.

In the years 2018 – 2020:

  • over 870 submitted ideas in total,
  • 8% of projects have been already implemented or is under implementation,
  • 2 editions of the Innovation Academy (an original talent management program).

Good practice

Academy of Knowledge

Academy of Knowledge offers:

  • a common digital platform for improving your professional competence for the employees of Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel, Free development trainings, Mandatory e-learning trainings, Voluntary basic trainings, Additional thematic modules.

In 2020:

  • A number of additional thematic modules were made available:
    • Remote work,
    • PMO – Project Management,
    • Development trainings,
    • Free external webinars related to challenges in remote work in the time of pandemics.
  • sharing materials dedicated to coronavirus, like How to deal with stress? How to manage strong emotions? How to support employees, myself and relatives during the pandemics?
  • launching an onboarding program (including information about the first organizational steps, benefits, culture work in the company as well as professional development opportunities– for employees and a path for managers who have to prepared themselves to accepting a new employee at work in the proper manner),
  • Over 22.3 thousand training hours were performed this way.


Competence of our employees is most important in Polsat Plus Group. We offer traditional training courses and a broader and broader offer of online trainings. Academy of Knowledge plays an important role.

Average number of training hours per employee
  Polkomtel1 and Cyfrowy Polsat TV Polsat CP Group
  Women Men Total Women Men Total Women Men Total
Total number of training hours by gender 18 390 23 496 41 8862 2 295 3 064 5 3602 20 685 26 560 47 2462
Average number of training hours by gender 12.12 10.90 11.41 9.52 6.36 7.41 11.77 10.07 10.75

1 Data refer to Polkomtel and Polkomtel Infrastruktura.

2 Data refer to the sum of traditional trainings (internal and external ones).

  Polkomtel1 and Cyfrowy Polsat TV Polsat CP Group
  Women Men Total Woemn Men Total Women Men Total
Total number of training hours by gender 41 520 49 808 91 3282 2 718 4 882 7 600 44 238 54 690 98 928
Average number of training hours by gender 22.07 21.12 21.54 11.92 10.23 10.78 20.97 19.29 20.01

1 Data refer to Polkomtel and Polkomtel Infrastruktura.

2 Data refer to the sum of traditional trainings (internal and external ones).

The year-on-year decrease of the average number of  training hours per employee is an effect of the coronavirus pandemics, freezing of the training sector and a need to adjust to the new situation.

In 2020, over 26 thousand hours of trainings were performed this way by the employees of Cyfrowy Polsat, Polkomtel and Polkomtel Infrastruktura.


Employees who work for us at least one year may apply for subsidizing their studies – both on Polish as well as foreign universities. There is one condition, the field of study must be related to the work performed for the Group. In 2020, 40 employees took advantage of this.

English learning

If the knowledge of English is required on a given position, we invite employees to individual or group language lessons which take place in the offices of our companies. In 2020, 330 people took advantage of this possibility.

Evaluation of managers

The work of managers in Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel is based on Feedback 360® culture. Through Online Feedback Forum (OFIZ) the assessment is performed by subordinates, superiors and co-employees. The goal of the evaluation is to strengthen good practices through positive feedback, identifying of potential areas for change, including examination of development needs and support in diagnosing the situation and decisions concerning local manager challenges.

Percentage of employees receiving regular assessments, performance and career development review, by gender and employee category
Cyfrowy Polsat Polkomtel1







1 Data refer to Polkomtel and Polkomtel Infrastruktura.

Cyfrowy Polsat Polkomtel1







1 Data refer to Polkomtel and Polkomtel Infrastruktura.

In TV Polsat there is no comprehensive, systemic solution of assessment of employees, but their performance related to tasks performed by them is subject to ongoing assessment by their superiors.

We have prepared a unique offer of Manager Academy for people employed on managerial positions. In the three years since the launch of the Manager Academy, 266 managers have participated in the program.

Most popular topics of these trainings in 2020 were: Motivational Feedback, Effective Delegation of Tasks, Difficult talks with employees, Strengthening Involvement and  Managing project team in the situation of a lack of reporting.

We are open to young people

For years, we have invited young people to internships and apprenticeships to the companies of  Polsat Plus Group. Apprenticeship programs are organized at Polkomtel, Polkomtel Infrastruktura, Cyfrowy Polsat and TV Polsat.

We also prepared a Summer Apprenticeship Program for students who take their first steps on the labour market. Students have a possibility to work among the best professional in the technological sector. Apprenticeship is paid and takes place during at least two summer months. Each apprentice cooperates with a team within one business area. A host is assigned to apprentices during the entire period of apprenticeship, providing help and professional support.

In 2020, we managed to nearly double our to-date achievements and  as many as 42% of apprentices started the permanent cooperation within the Group following the apprenticeship.

We offer extension of the apprenticeships to the best apprentices – which gives a six-month, paid apprenticeship. It is a ideal way to gain practical knowledge and skills. Each apprentice is given a project or specific technical tasks to perform for the execution of which he/she is fully responsible. A host is assigned to the apprentice who monitors the progress of his/her work and supports him/her in execution of individual tasks. In 2020 we offered internships in the area of IT, Marketing, Sales and Customer Base Management, End-User Equipment, Finances, Audit, ICT Security and Fraud Detection, as well as in the Legal area and General Director Office.

While being aware that taking advantage of a diversity of employees results in the growth of innovativeness and effectiveness, in 2020 we made a step towards building a positive intergenerational dialogue.

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Good practice

New 2020
Training on intergenerational management

In 2020, for the first time under the Academy of  Apprenticeship, we conducted a special training called “Intergenerational Management”. Its goal is to explain the rules followed by different generations in the business environment.

In the first edition of the project we focused on hosts supporting interns and apprentices (lower and middle level managers), sharing with them the knowledge related to: how to communicate with younger generation team members? How to manage the intergenerational communication? How to select communication tools to different age groups? How to identify values of different generations?

People participating in training acquainted themselves with means and methods of effective verbal and non-verbal communication a younger part of their teams; they saw that intergenerational differences result from different attitudes, expectations towards conditions of work, life priorities and experience; analysed communication expectations of younger generations.

TV Polsat also offers a possibility of unpaid apprenticeship for graduates under the care of experienced employees (journalists, camera operators or people handling promotion of TV channels).

Apprentices with highest scores may apply for work in TV Polsat. In 2020, the apprenticeship program was organized mainly in the News and Journalism Division and the Production Division, as well as in the Sport Programs and Technology Divisions. 52 people participated in this program, out of which 35 people entered into cooperation with the company following the completion of their apprenticeship.