Economic, social and environmental impact

Linie - pomarańcz
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Through our business activities and executed projects we have an impact on the economy, society and environment.

Impact on the economy
  • status of a big enterprise
    indirect and direct revenue for the state budget,
  • business partner, ordering party and service recipient
    development of big, medium and small enterprises and different regions,
  • stable employer
    highly qualified employees with long tenure of work,
  • new jobs
    current recruitment process, apprenticeship and internship program,
  • sharing knowledge and good practices
    being part of industry associations and public administration support.
Linie - pomarańcz
Impact on the society
  • state-of-the-art technologies
    construction and development of 5G network,
  • counteracting digital exclusion
    regular development of LTE/LTE Plus Advanced technology and extending network coverage,
  • cooperation with NGO’s
    support provided to Polsat Foundation and aid to disabled children, SMS actions with other foundations, numerous initiatives under employee volunteering program “I like helping” („Lubię pomagać”),
  • promotion of sport and healthy lifestyle
    sponsoring of volleyball, sports broadcasts on free national channels, health education in TV programs,
  • access to information
    “The News” („Wydarzenia”) of Polsat recognized as the most reliable news program, Internet access provided by our companies is a “window to the world” for many Polish families,
  • access to the culture
    programming offer of TV Polsat and TV packages of Cyfrowy Polsat in millions of households in Poland,
  • access to entertainment
    cabaret, movies, TV series and music and dance shows which attract multi-million audience to Polsat,
  • access to education
    eTornister (e-Schoolbag): an integrated educational platform replacing traditional student’s books and workbooks at school, an offer for self-governments and schools in Poland.
Impact on the environment
  • management of environmental impact
    environmental challenges for individual companies, ISO certificates, control of used raw materials, electricity saving,
  • monitoring and reporting
    sharing information about energy, water, raw materials consumption in the non-financial report,
  • investments into modern solutions
    photovoltaic solutions included in the offer, company and private car sharing, energy-saving lighting and buildings, issue of green bonds, the proceeds of which – in the amount of 1bn PLN – were allocated to refinancing of pro-environmental investments, including modernization of the telecommunication infrastructure of the Group in the area of energy efficiency,
  • waste management
    recycling of electro-waste, documents and packaging,
  • membership in Clean Poland Program Society (Stowarzyszenie Program Czysta Polska)
    joint care for the natural environment, air, water and nature,
  • environmental education
    activities promoting 3R (recycle, reduce, reuse) among members of the Clean Poland Program Society, an issue of “Brawo TY!” magazine addressed to Group’s customers – about ecology, series of information: „EcoLOGIC at work and at home” in the internal communication,
  • moving a big part of meetings to the Internet
    video conferences with stakeholders, online meetings of project teams, webinars and online trainings for employees.