Green bonds are securities for financing pro-environmental investments. The proceeds from the bond issue, amounting to PLN 1 billion, will be used for refinancing the expenditures incurred, among others, for  upgrading and modernizing the telecommunication infrastructure of Cyfrowy Polsat.

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Cyfrowy Polsat was the first company in Poland outside of the banking sector to issue corporate green bonds denominated in Polish zloty (PLN), with the proceeds from the bond issue, amounting PLN 1 billion, being used for refinancing the pro-environmental projects, including improvement of the energy efficiency by the Group or reduction of the carbon footprint associated with the electronic devices manufactured by Cyfrowy Polsat.

The proceeds from the bond issue will be used for refinancing the expenditures incurred for  upgrading and modernizing the Group’s telecommunication infrastructure in terms of its energy efficiency, including in particular:

  • replacement of old energy intensive technology such as 2G and 3G with advanced 4G LTE, which has potential to reduce network energy intensity per unit of data traffic,
  • retrofitting and replacement of outdated fixed network infrastructure, such as the replacement of conventional copper-based technology with fibre optic technology, which allows for faster transmission of data over longer distances, requires less maintenance and offers reduction in energy consumption,
  • investments in energy efficient solutions which support free cooling systems, intelligent lighting, optimization of power storage, server virtualization as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

The framework of the green bonds issued by Cyfrowy Polsat is compliant with the Green Bond Principles and is supported by the opinion of  Sustainalytics, an international agency providing environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings, claiming that: Framework of Green Bonds of Polsat Plus Group is reliable and consistent with four main components of Green Bond Principles.