Letter of the President of the Management Board

Linie - pomarańcz
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Dear Sirs,

It is our fourth Corporate Social Responsibility Report, covering Polsat Plus Group’s main companies. The year 2020 was the time of the pandemics and of numerous challenges – both global and local – concentrated around the efforts aimed at dealing with the consequences of the lockdown. The nature and the diversity of our operations have made our business relatively immune to the situation. The more so it was extremely important for us to become actively involved in helping combat COVID-19 during those difficult times.

Linie - pomarańcz

Since the very beginning of the epidemics, Polsat Plus Group embarked upon numerous pro-social initiatives and introduced many improvements for its customers. It became involved in many areas, supporting healthcare institutions, education, digitally-excluded children, senior citizens, and also assuring solutions for its customers and thousands of its employees. Zygmunt Solorz and Polsat Plus Group donated a total of PLN 50 million for that purpose. The activities conducted jointly with Polsat Foundation included purchase of 200 thousand coronavirus tests for PLN 16 million, together with the required laboratory equipment, donation of 20 state-of-the-art ventilators, worth nearly PLN 3 million, to isolation hospitals, purchase of protective gear for medical personnel, a special advertising block in TV Polsat (organized for the purpose of raising money), as well as donation of 2 200 tablets for the digitally-excluded children (more in a dedicated section of the report, “Polsat Group reacts responsibly in fight with coronavirus.” („Grupa Polsat w walce z koronawirusem”).

Having stable financial situation, bearing mind further development of the Group and responding to the challenges posed by the growing importance that ESG factors (environmental. social and governance-related) have in business operations, we also carried out major investment projects.

Our key achievements in 2020 include:

  • supporting innovation and our customers’ needs by building the first in Poland nationwide 5G network, using the spectrum from the 2600 MHz TDD frequency band, with a plan to provide coverage over an area inhabited by 11 million people in Poland in 2021;
  • introducing an offer of solar power solutions for households and B2B clients under the ESOLEO brand, available from over 1000 points of sale;
  • first in Poland issue of corporate green bonds for the amount of 1 billion zloty, for the purpose of refinancing of our pro-environmental investments, including modernization and upgrading of the Group’s telecommunication infrastructure to achieve higher energy efficiency;
  • consistent development of diverse and universally-available TV offer as well as popularization of digital services – acquisition and fast integration within the Group’s structure of Interia.pl, one of the biggest web portals in Poland, as well as extension of TV Polsat portfolio by adding the newly acquired Fokus TV and Nowa TV channels.

Regardless of the situation in the post-pandemic world, we wish to develop not only high quality products and services, but also to create special value for the society. For that reason we consistently pursue our social mission in the areas of safety and security, aid to children, education and promotion of sports. Last year we joined the Clean Poland Program Association and as a Group we have become actively involved in environmental education.

We try to make sure that our efforts are a response to the selected UN Sustainable Development Goals. In this year’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report we present more than 57 good practices, i.e. projects which are consistent with the implementation of the specific tasks being part of selected UN goals.

Most important information and indicators from the areas related to the environment, our relations with the community and stakeholders, in the broad sense of the term, as well as to governance (the so-called ESG indicators) are presented on the basis of international GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines.

In 2021 we plan consistent continuation of our CSR activities through social projects, charity initiatives (especially under the patronage of Polsat Foundation and other Public Benefit Organizations), educational activities (to a great degree related to the environmental issues and addressed to our customers, viewers, employees and to the general public), unwavering support for Polish sports, promoting healthy and active lifestyle, and cooperation with emergency response units. In the dynamically changing world, which last year forced our customers, our business partners and employees to adapt to the totally new reality, we will strive to provide the possibly most modern tools for work, learning or online entertainment. This is embodied by our decision to allocate additional capital expenditures in order to assume the leadership role in building the 5G network in Poland.

On my own behalf, and on behalf of all the people involved in the development of this report, I hope you will enjoy reading the report. I hope that this publication will offer you an opportunity to learn more about our operations, so as to gain better understanding of it. The publication is a valuable source of information and due to its nature it is not only a response to the needs of the capital market participants, contracting parties and business partners or the institutions which monitor the social activities of companies, but also to the needs of our employees, customers, viewers and all those who are interested in learning about our operations and our social mission.

Yours faithfully,
Mirosław Błaszczyk
President of the Management Board Cyfrowy Polsat S.A.