What we offer to our customers?

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We operate in two B2C and B2B and media segments. We offer to our customers numerous services form the offers of various companies belonging to our capital group.

  • Cyfrowy Polsat S.A.

    • Other companies

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      Polkomtel Group100%
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      TV Polsat Group100%
      Interia.pl Group100%
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      Netia Group66%

Key areas of activity


Cyfrowy Polsat is the largest pay TV provider in Poland and a leading DTH platform in Europe in terms of the number of customers.

  • It offers television services in all currently available technologies on the domestic market: DTH, IPTV and OTT, in line with the idea: For Everyone. Everywhere.
  • It ensures access to as many as 160 channels.
  • Access to thousands of shows available on demand and over 100 linear channels via Cyfrowy Polsat GO service on three selected devices simultaneously: a PC, a tablet and a smartphone (On The Go option)
  • Multiroom HD service enables the use of the same TV package on as many as 4 TV sets.
  • Cyfrowy Polsat is the only operator to offer set-top boxes manufactured in-house - high quality equipment which meets our customers’ needs.
  • The platform has own broadcasting center which offers services with top quality picture and sound.

Netia offers to its customers a dynamically developing IPTV service in terms of the number of users, under the brand of Telewizja Osobista. Currently Telewizja Osobista’s offer comprises ca. 220 channels.


IPLA is a leading online video service in Poland, with the biggest database of legal video content:

  • It offers access to over 120 online TV channels and a few dozen thousands of VOD materials.
  • A few hundred hours of live coverage per month from the largest sports events nationwide and worldwide.
  • Rich and constantly expanding library of movies, series and TV programs delivered by Polish and international licensors.
  • IPLA materials can be viewed on PCs, tablets, laptops, smartphones, smart TVs and Apple TV, as well as via set-top boxes and game consoles.


Mobile telephony

Polkomtel is the leading telecommunications operator in Poland who provides its services under Plus and Plush brands:

  • The leader of LTE technology who relies on the most advanced telecommunications solutions while developing services for its customers.
  • Starting from 2020, it has dynamically developed the first 5G network in Poland.
  • Diversified tariff plans for residential customers – both in the postpaid contract model as well as prepaid and mix models.
  • Contract solutions for business customers, international roaming, 5G services for business customers.
  • Wide array of state-of-the-art handsets and smartphones,
  • Wide array of devices which enable broadband Internet access (modems, mobile and fixed-line routers) as well as tablets, laptops and gaming laptops.

Mobile broadband Internet access

Polsat Group provides comprehensive mobile broadband Internet access and data transmission services:
  • For individual and business customers. Two brands: Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat, since 2011 have used the LTE technology, and currently also LTE Advanced technology.
  • In May 2020, the Group launched the first commercial 5G network in Poland on 2.6GHz TDD frequency. It was the first stage of fast roll-out of the nationwide 5G network of Plus.
  • Nearly 100% of Poles live within the coverage area of our LTE Plus Internet service, and 5G network of Plus already reaches 12 million of Poles.
  • The Group has also introduced the LTE Home Internet set, a unique solution developed in-house, as an alternative to fixed Internet access, which can considerably enhance the coverage area and signal strength of the LTE Internet. The 300 LTE Home Internet set supports the LTE Plus Advanced technology and works perfectly in non-typical locations with poor availability and quality of the Internet signal.

Fixed-line broadband Internet access

  • Netia and Plus also offer a fixed-line broadband Internet access service, among others in fiber optic technologies, for nearly 3 million households across country and over 800 biggest office buildings. Netia a offers fixed-line broadband Internet access services to individual and business customers.
  • Since January 2020, our fixed-line Internet access service has been also available in selected new locations based on Orange network. Service coverage has been extended with Orange infrastructure in the so-called regulated municipalities, that is the municipalities in which – based on the UKE decision – it is made available to other operators. This includes approximately 3,2 million households which, since the beginning of 2020, can purchase a fixed-line Internet broadband access from Plus network with a convenient IPTV cable TV from Cyfrowy Polsat.

Multiplay services


Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel – offer multi-play services, including the popular smartDOM and smartFIRMA programs – unique savings programs which offer a wide array of products and services that enable our customers to create a comfortable, safe and modern home or conveniently run a firm.

Program is based on a simple and flexible mechanism– it is enough to have one of our services to be offered attractive discounts for the whole term of a contract upon purchasing additional products from our Group’s portfolio. This way every customer has the possibility of creating a unique set of services for their family.

Customers of smartDOM Program may use:

  • Plus mobile services (including fixed-mobile phone),
  • LTE/5G mobile Internet and fixed-line Internet access offered by Plus,
  • Cyfrowy Polsat’s TV offer (DTH satellite TV, cable IPTV and terrestrial TV),
  • comprehensive insurance services,
  • a range of home security services, including video monitoring services,
  • natural gas or electricity supply offer.


  • Group’s portfolio includes 36 channels (including POLSAT main channel) and 6 cooperating channels which are associated with Polsat Plus Group by capital or by joint broadcasting projects. Channels are available via cable and satellite, while eight of them – POLSAT, Super Polsat, TV4, Polo TV, Eska TV, Fokus TV, Nowa TV – are part of the digital terrestrial television (DTT).
  • POLSAT, the main channel of our Group, is one of the leading television channels in terms of audience share in the group of viewers which is most valuable to advertisers (the so-called commercial group, viewers aged 16-49). In 2020 it achieved 9.5% share in the commercial group. The channel owes it to attractive and consistently developed programming offer, including successful – spring and autumn - scheduling offers which  include great entertainment, films and TV series, as well as one of the leading news programs, Wydarzenia (The News) and also thrilling sports coverage.
    2020 ended successfully also for the whole portfolio of Polsat Plus Group channels with the total audience share of 23.9% in the commercial group.


  • Thanks to the acquisition in 2020 of Interia.pl Group we have become a leading player on the online media market. pl is one of the three biggest horizontal portals in Poland, reaching nearly 40% of the Polish Internet users. It provides individual users with rich content of high quality news, entertainment, social and communication services.
  • The Group also develops thematic Internet portals which use unique content produced by our television channels and dedicated editorial teams (including Polsatnews.pl or Polsatsport.pl).
  • According to Mediapanel research conducted in January 2021, the average monthly number of users of websites of Polsat-Interia media group exceeded 20 million, whereas a monthly-average number of page and application views reached ca. 1.7 billion.