Major events 2020

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Launching and continuous development of 5G network, acquisition of Group, partnership with Cellnex Telecom and strong involvement in the support of the fight against the coronavirus – these are examples of activities executed in 2020 in our Group.

Plus starts the roll-out of the 5G network

In January Polkomtel, a  Polsat Plus Group company which operates Plus network, informed of starting the roll-out of the first in Poland commercial 5G network which will operate in 2600 MHz frequency band using TDD technology. The plan for the first stage involved launch of the 5G network while using 100 base stations located in 7 cities around Poland.

Success of the first in Poland corporate green bonds issue

Cyfrowy Polsat issued first in Poland PLN corporate green bonds for the amount of 1 billion zloty. The obtained funds will be used for refinancing the pro-environmental projects, including the projects related to improvement of the Group’s energy efficiency and reduction of the carbon footprint connected with the electronic devices produced by Cyfrowy Polsat.

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Big celebrations in smartDOM Program. Already as many as 2 million customers use 6 million services offered by Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat

The biggest in Poland scheme offering bundled services for homes and families celebrated its anniversary. Nearly six years after its launch, smartDOM program has more than 2 million satisfied members.

Polsat Plus Group acquires Interia

In April 2020 TV Polsat signed a preliminary agreement with Bauer Media Group regarding acquisition of Interia Group, one of the leading players on the new generation media market in Poland. Interia reaches nearly 60% of Internet users in Poland. The decision was a strategic one from the point of view of development of Polsat Plus Group. Thanks to this decision the group has gained a substantial position in the Internet. Following finalization of the transaction in July 2020, Interia Group became a member of Polsat Plus Group which is the biggest media-and-telecommunications group in Poland and in this part of Europe.

BCAST joins Polsat Plus Group

BCAST, an alternative Polish operator offering broadcasting services gained a new shareholder, i.e. Cyfrowy Polsat. The cooperation between the two parties has not only a technological dimension but also a business dimension – BCAST gains access to new market opportunities and development prospects, while for Polsat Plus Group BCAS provides additional potential in the field of planning and development of its own radio network.

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TOGETHER in the fight against the coronavirus

During the whole of 2020 Polsat  Plus Group was involved in numerous pro-social initiatives, provided convenient solutions for its customers and was active in the fight against the coronavirus. The Group was involved in such activities in many areas – it supported the healthcare system, education, digitally-excluded children, senior citizens, and it provided convenient solutions for several million of its customers as well as for thousands of its employees and their families. During 2020 Zygmunt Solorz and Polsat  Plus Group donated 50 million PLN to these causes. Find out more about our activities on

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Plus launches the first and the only in Poland commercially-operating 5G network

In line with its announcements, in May Plus launched the first in Poland commercially-operating 5G network which operates in the 2.6 GHz frequency band using TDD technology. 100 node B’s offer access to this state-of-the-art technology in 7 Polish cities, namely Warsaw, Gdansk, Katowice, Lodz, Poznan, Szczecin and Wroclaw.

Premiere of Polsat Plus Group’s latest production – a Maciej Dutkiewicz’s film “Wyzwanie” (“The Challenge”)

The latest movie directed by Maciej Dutkiewicz, “Wyzwanie” (“The Challenge”), had its premiere in IPLA web entertainment service as well in Cyfrowy Polsat GO service in July. The film was produced by Polsat Plus Group. This film set in a holiday scenery, is a thrilling story of a crime and of shocking human relations.

Polsat Plus Group enters the photovoltaic market

In July Polsat Plus Group launched an offer of photovoltaic solutions. Photovoltaic systems are offered under the new ESOLEO brand. The offer is available in over 1000 points of sale and customer service of Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat all over Poland.

ESOLEO will be building the biggest photovoltaic farm in Poland

ESOLEO Sp. z o. o., acting as the leader of the ESOLEO consortium, and Przedsiębiorstwo Remontowe PAK SERWIS Sp. zo.o. construction company signed an agreement in September for turn-key implementation of a project called “Energy transformation in the region – construction of a 70 MWp photovoltaic farm on the reclaimed land of Adamów Brown Coal Mine together with the installation of the required technical infrastructure”. The agreement was signed as a result of the Group’s interest in securing long-term electricity supply from renewable sources of energy for its own needs and for the purpose of resale to its customers. The move also supports the Group’s ambition to operate within the framework of a sustainable business model by increasing the energy-efficiency of day-to-day operations and, as result, reducing the generated carbon footprint. At the same time, the project is one of the elements of comprehensive transformation of the business model of ZE PAK power plant complex and it is the implementation of the assumptions and the goals of Clean Poland Program Association which was established by Zygmunt Solorz and which is involved in the conservation of Poland’s natural environment. Polsat  Plus Group companies are among active members of the Program.

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Cyfrowy Polsat has a new TV offer. Simple and flexible bundles, state-of-the-art set-top boxes and advanced functions which enable viewers to enjoy TV in the way they desire

In September Cyfrowy Polsat launched a totally new, simple TV offer. DTH satellite TV and IPTV cable TV offer access to new programming bundles called S, M and L to which additional theme packages can be added at one’s discretion.

TV Polsat becomes a majority shareholder of TV Spektrum Sp. z o.o.

As a result of the transaction with ZPR Media Group, TV Polsat became the sole shareholder of TV Spektrum Sp. z o.o., the broadcaster of Fokus TV and Nowa TV channels. The transaction will facilitate and streamline the process of managing Fokus TV and Nowa TV channels, thus supporting their development and effective building of their programming offers based on Polish productions.

Plus rolls out a nationwide 5G network

In November 2020 the services of the most advanced 5G network in Poland operated by Plus were available to more than 5.2 million people. Plus made a decision to roll out the 5G network in all current and former provincial capitals as well as in the towns and places around them.

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5G in Polsat Plus Group

5G is the answer to the changing needs of our customers and of the world we live in. New digital world will require  faster, more reliable and stable data transfer while supporting ever growing data volumes. That is why the launching of the first in Poland 5G network and entering into a strategic cooperation with Cellnex Telecom, which will accelerate 5G roll out in Poland even more, were the major events for Polsat Plus Group in 2020, assuring further, consistent development of the Group.

The solution employed by Polsat Plus Group in the roll-out of its 5G network is the most advanced technology which saw its implementation around the world only recently.  Use of the 2600 MHz frequency band for this purpose is known from the already operating commercial 5G networks in the USA and in China. Cyfrowy Polsat was the first network in Poland which started 5G network roll-out while relying on this technology.

Strategic partnership with Cellnex Telecom

Polsat Plus Group signed a conditional agreement with Cellnex Telecom for the sale of a 99.99% stake of in Polkomtel Infrastruktura, a company which owns the passive and the active layers Polsat Group’s mobile infrastructure. The transaction value is ca. PLN 7.1 billion.

Polkomtel’s core network with all the frequencies which  are used for the purpose of providing  services to customers in Poland in 5G technology as well as in 2G/3G/LTE technologies will remain the property of Polsat Plus Group. The Group, as the operator of Plus network, intends to continue providing top quality content and communication services to its residential and business customers as well as to the wholesale clients.

Transaction closing is expected in October 2021, subject to fulfillment of the agreed conditions precedent.

Plus expands the coverage of its 5G network. More than 7 million inhabitants of Poland in all provinces are within the network’s coverage

At the turn of 2020 there were more than 1000 5G base stations on-air and over 7 million people within the network’s coverage radius. The fastest 5G network can be used in all 16 provinces of the country.

Objectives for 2020 have been achieved

  1. Continuation of the development of smartDOM strategy development of a multiplay strategy based on the concept "For everyone. Everywhere."
  2. Continuation of investments in attractive content
  3. Continuation of strategic and synergy-generating cooperation with Netia
  4. Imprementation of comprehensive and strategic IT solutions with Asseco
  5. Roll-out of the first commercial 5G network based on owned frequencies
  6. Maintaining high margins and a high level of generated cash which enable the payout of attractive dividends for shareholders
Our expectations and goals for 2021

  1. Active promotion and sale of new 5G tariffs with the aim of continuation of building ARPU in the mobile services segment
  2. Providing 5G network coverage to over 11 million inhabitants of Poland
  3. Development of the new areas od activity in which we invested in recent years (Netia,, Esoleo)
  4. Continuation of the strategy of development of our smartDOM loyalty program, based on the concept "For Everyone. Everywhere."
  5. Continued investments in attractive content
  6. Successive implementation of comprehensive, strategic IT solutions, carried out jointly with Asseco
  7. Maintaining high margins and high cash flow levels that enable us to continue paying out attractive devidend to our shareholders