Impact of base transceiver stations on the environment

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We carefully listen to the opinions from public discussions regarding alleged harmful impact of mobile telephony base transceiver stations. Permits required by Polish law, including the permits related to environmental impact, are always secured by us for each of our base stations before it is put on air.

Linie - pomarańcz

Good practice

Cooperation within the framework of SI2PEM project

In 2020 Polsat Plus Group actively participated in SI2PEM (System of Information about Electromagnetic Field-Generating Systems) project which is managed by the National Institute of Telecommunications (IŁ-PIB). The aim of the project is to provide visualization of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) level measurements in the areas around the base stations, as well as to feed the tool with the data on the EMF sources, thus enabling simulation of EMF levels at any place. Access to the information can be provided to the public to enable verification the levels in a specific location of one’s interest.

As of now, all the archival measurements have been loaded into SI2PEM system. All that is left to be done is to finish the work on the user interface and hand over the tool for use in a clear graphical layout.