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Our priority is to handle every issue during the first contact, to ensure that after the conversation with a customer service representative, the customer knew answers to his/her questions. Our advantages are: involved and trained team of over two thousand customer service representative, experienced managerial staff and high flexibility of operations. Latest technological solutions also support the customer service.

Servicing of a few million customers is an enormous challenge. Constant technological progress opens new communication channels and forces continuous changes in the organization of work of our customer service representatives. When serving customers and making efforts to ensure their satisfaction, there is no end to improvements – we know that good can be better and better can be best

Customer service in  Polsat Plus Group – key facts and figures:

  • a few million customers;
  • constantly improved customer service process,
  • priorities – handling every issue during the first contact,
  • customer service call center– uninterrupted round-the-clock phone service on all days of week, involved and trained team of over 2600 customer service representatives,
  • an advanced customer relationship management system which integrates all communication channels – both electronic as well as by phone or post,
  • GDPR team for fast and efficient processing of requests, internet customer service system – self-service by customers,
  • e-invoice – taking care of natural environment. In 2020, as many as 97.4%, e-invoices were issued by PLK, and a 92.6% e-invoices were issued by Cyfrowy Polsat,
  • constant modernization of tools supporting customer service,
  • latest solutions available on the market,
  • Polkomtel’s mobile application dedicated to customer account management.
Management systems

Since 2000, Polkomtel has had a consistently improved quality management system in place and since 2012 also an environmental management system. To confirm the above, Polkomtel obtained international certification ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus go out to meet the needs of their customers while facilitating contact with Consultants in Points of Sale.


Good practice

Services for the disabled

Deaf people can use the service of an interpreter of Polish sign language in all customer service-related matters. All they need to do is to contact a selected Point of Sale where the date and time of a meeting with the participation of an interpreter will be set.

People with hearing problems who use hearing aids can use a hearing-supporting system, the so-called induction loop. Thanks to this a customer will be able to hear even in a noisy environment.

Physically disabled people can use our Points of Sale which are free of any access barriers.

The list of Points of Sale offering access improvements for persons with disabilities can be found on our website our website.