POLSAT Foundation – “Jesteśmy dla dzieci” (We are here for the children) campaign. We pursue our social mission in the fields of safety and security, aid to children, promotion of sports and physical activity as well as education.

Providing aid to children is one of the pillars of our social mission. For nearly 25 years now, in line with its mission statement: We are here to save the health and the lives of the youngest”, Polsat Foundation has been making continuous efforts to improve the health situation of the youngest patients in Poland.

The Foundation’s current activities also include numerous ecological initiatives and actions, including Polsat Plus Group’s activities related to fight against smog and the harm it causes. These activities are undertaken via the recently established Clean Poland Programme Association.


children received aid

background item
>2 637

hospitals and medical centres, as well as schools, kindergartens and orphanages received our support

>257million PLN

allocated for financing the statutory goals

>21.6million PLN

collected from the St. Nicholas Day Commercial Block

>26.6million PLN

donated from 1% of Personal Income Tax

The superior goal of the Foundation is support for those who are most in need.

An illness of a child is for many Polish families not only an emotional drama but also a drama in the financial dimension. Specialized treatment, newest pharmaceuticals, or complex operations mean costs which often exceed the parents’ financial possibilities. For that reason the Foundation has created a system of quick and effective response to requests for aid.

In 2020 Polsat Foundation:
1 751

children received aid

1 413

facilities received aid

background item
>18million PLN

donated by Polsat Foundation

Key events in 2020:
  • involvement in the fight against the coronavirus as well as prevention of digital exclusion during the national quarantine:
    • 2200 tablets donated to 415 institutions (state-run orphanages, family-run homes for orphans, care-and-educational centers), in cooperation with Plus network and Cyfrowy Polsat;
    • medical equipment (including ventilators), personal protective gear (such as masks, hoods, protective suits, disinfectants) for hospitals and medical staff, among others in cooperation with TV Polsat and Plus network;
    • 3000 printers donated as part of the action ”Drukuj z uśmiechem” (“Print with a smile”) to schools, orphanages, care-and-educational centers, foster families and hospitals,
  • repair works in the Otolaryngology Ward for Children in Rybnik,
  • commissioning for use of a special room for the only in Poland Simulation Center for Low-invasive Surgery of Children in the Children’s Memorial Hospital,
  • support for the efforts of neurologists and the community of SMA Families (families with patients suffering from spinal muscular atrophy) to make the gene treatment, once registered by the European Medicinal Agency, available in Poland as part of public healthcare (NFZ)
  • support for hospices,
  • involvement in an action organized by the students from Wrocław called ”Wielka Draka Dla Dzieciaka” (Big Noise to Save Kids),
  • start of construction of the Center for Rare Diseases.
As part of its activities related to providing aid to individuals, Polsat Foundation has financed:
  • medical equipment,
  • rehabilitation equipment,
  • orthopedic equipment,
  • specialized rehabilitation, medicine, ointments and dressings,
  • in exceptional cases the Foundation also financed operations in private clinics in Poland as well as abroad.

“Jesteśmy dla dzieci” (We are here for the children) campaign is Polsat Foundation’s most recognizable project. The goal is to collect funds for treatment and rehabilitation of children (the ones registered with Polsat Foundation). In special commercial spots the children who are under the Foundation’s care – the heroes of the “Jesteśmy dla dzieci” campaign – appeal for help not only for themselves but also for other ill children. Since 2019 the Foundation has been running a special TV show which is broadcast in Polsat News channel.


Good practice

#JestesmyDlaDzieci (#WeAreHereForChildren) program

”#JesteśmyDlaDzieci” TV program  is broadcast in Polsat News every Sunday at 1.30 p.m. The program presents, in the form of real life-based episodes, the stories of children who struggle with various illnesses, birth defects and other serious problems. The viewers can see the challenges that these children and their parents or guardians have to cope with every day.

The program includes interviews with invited guests (medical experts) who explain to the viewers the most important details of the presented cases. The program also presents the to-date achievements of Polsat Foundation, including the completed repair works at hospital wards, money collection actions aimed at financing the purchase of specialized equipment as well as the aid associated with the treatment and rehabilitation of ill children.

In 2020 the program addressed the following issues:

  • building immunity among children,
  • inoculations,
  • smog and coronavirus,
  • school during the pandemics,
  • coronavirus and the problem of rare diseases,
  • obesity in children,
  • prematurity,
  • rheumatism in children,
  • skin diseases in children,
  • eye diseases and vision defects
  • depression among children and teenagers, etc.

Polsat Foundation’s activities include financial support for medical establishments and centers all over Poland. To this date aid reached 2637 hospitals and medical centers which are involved in the treatment, rehabilitation and therapy of children, as well as schools, kindergartens and orphanages. During the 24 years Polsat Foundation donated nearly PLN 1.09 million to support the activities of hospices. To-date 37.8 thousand children received financial support for their medical treatment.

Financing of Polsat Foundation in 2020.

  • Polsat Foundation

    • Donations from natural persons

       1 882 910.81 zł
    • Donations from corporate entities

      13 490 297.60 zł
    • 1% of PIT tax

      3 783 350.78 zł
    • Other sources

      184 478.22 zł

Good practice

St Nicholas day commercial block

For 17 years now TV Polsat and Polsat Media media house have been organizing Mikołajkowy Blok Reklamowy (the St. Nicholas Day Commercial Block). Every year millions of Poles wishing to help ill children by watching the commercials are attracted to TV screens at 6.45 p.m. on December 6. The dozen or so minutes of commercial air time activates a special meter. The income from the St. Nicholas Day Commercial Block, calculated on the basis of audience measurements, is donated to treatment and rehabilitation of the children who are under the care of Polsat Foundation.

In 2020 the St. Nicholas Day Commercial Block was also aired in IPLA online TV. A total of nearly 7 million viewers watched the commercials. As a result nearly PLN 1.6 million was received on the Foundation’s account. The amount of over PLN 21.6 million was collected during the to-date sixteen editions of the St. Nicholas Day Commercial Block. The entire amount was donated for treatment and rehabilitation of children.

An important part of the Foundation’s revenue also comes from 1% of personal income tax. For years, through the campaigns aired in its channels, TV Polsat has been encouraging its viewers to support the Foundation when filling in the yearly tax return forms. So far the Foundation has received nearly PLN 26.6 million this way thanks to the generosity of taxpayers. The entire amount thus received was used for treatment and rehabilitation of children in Poland.

Every year the Foundation’s budget is also funded by donations from sponsors who include the biggest companies operating in Poland.

Donations for Polsat Foundation from key sponsors in 2020.

# Donor Donated amount


HP Inc Polska Sp. z o.o.**

3 229 741.17


Telewizja Polsat Sp. z o.o.

2 728 890.10


Polkomtel Sp. z o.o.

1 986 687.07


Polkomtel Sp. z o.o.*

1 311 988.70


Orange Polska S.A.*

859 568.90


Polsat Media Biuro Reklamy Sp. z o.o. Sp. k

 736 830.00


Procter & Gamble Polska Ds. Polska Sp. z o.o.

564 000.00


Cyfrowy Polsat S.A.

554 000.00


P4 Sp. z o.o.*

511 810.00


T-Mobile Polsat S.A*

470 340.00


Netia S.A

250 000.00


Amazon Fullfilment Poland Sp. z o.o.

200 000.00

*charity and transferring of the entire income from the SMS campaigns carried out by the Foundation

**donations in kind

Employee volunteering

Our employees want and like to help others. We cooperate closely with the Polsat Foundation and Polki Mogą Wszystko Foundation (Formerly Przyjaciółka Foundation).

In 2020 our employees and associates participated in several charity actions.

Linie - pomarańcz

Good practice

Santa Claus Courier

At the turn of November 2020 the employees of Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel once again took the roles of Santa’s elves. Since  2010 we have been participating in the action organized by Polki Mogą Wszystko FoundationSanta Claus Qurier. The action is intended to make the dreams come true for the children who in their day-to-day lives have to cope with the parents’ drinking problems and unemployment, lack of acceptance at school and lagging behind with their learning.

During the 10 years we provided aid to nearly 1500 children from such community daycare centers, located in various towns and places in Poland, to help them believe in themselves

In 2020:

  • we operated in the new circumstances, while having to cope with numerous challenges posed by pandemics
  • an online platform was launched from which volunteers could collect letters with children’s dreams
  • more than 160 volunteers from Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel were involved in the action,
  • we responded to 79 letters with children’s dreams (in 2019 we responded to 115 letters),
  • we provided care to the children attending Father Jan Twardowski Special School and Educational Center in Konarzew,
  • we supported teamwork (1 gift was, on the average, prepared by a 2-person team).

Good practice

New 2020
Christmas home workshops: DIY

In December 2020 we invited  our employees to participate in the Christmas Handicraft Workshops with a Mission in a totally new formula. Due to the coronavirus pandemics, for the sake of the safety and health of our employees we decided to carry out our latest project on the DIY (do it yourself) principle. We took off with the action under the slogan: ”Zrób coś dla siebie. Zrób coś dla innych” (Do something for yourself. Do something for others”).

The purpose of the event was to preserve the spirit of Christmas and of collaboration in a special form – 3-in-1 (Do-it-yourself, Do-it-for-yourself, Do-it-for-others) and to support a very special child under the care of Polsat Foundation (a 3-year-old Karolinka who was the first in Poland to undergo an operation of spina bifida with the use of keyhole surgery method while still in a mother’s womb.

In 2020:

  • we prepared 150 DYI creative sets
  • we offered the possibility of having more than 500 Christmas decorations handcrafted,
  • we involved more than 500 people – small and big volunteers,
  • we set up a dedicated bank account for donations for Karolinka,
  • we created a Christmas gallery of photos in our intranet portals.

Voluntary donations gave nearly  PLN 6.5 thousand. The entire amount was donated to the treatment and rehabilitation of Karolinka. In spite of the successful operation, the girl was born as an premature baby, with an extensively dilated ventricles and dysfunction of bladder and rectal sphincters. The girl is under a constant care of a speech therapist, psychologist, nephrologist, urologist, eye doctor and neurologist.